Top Supplies & Tools You Need for Your Pool This Summer

Preparing for the summer means getting out those umbrellas and lawn chairs, but if you have the pool, it also means preparing your pool with the appropriate tools and pool supplies. After all, you want to be ready as soon as the warm weather hits!

Below, find the top pool supplies and tools you’ll need to adequately prepare your pool this summer and be ready for swimming, games, and tons of fun in the sun!

  • Skimmer Net

One of the pool supplies you’ll use most this summer is your pool skimmer. Often, the end or net of the skimmer needs to be replaced because of holes or rips in the net. Make sure you have a highly functioning skimmer net to skim off leaves, twigs, and other debris from the pool surface.

  • Pool Vac

To get at debris near the bottom of the pool, a high-quality vacuum is necessary, along with a wide-mouth hose and pump.

  • Pool Brush

Sometimes, debris at the bottom of the pool sticks there and is difficult to get up with just the help of your pool vacuum. In these cases, having a sturdy brush that you can attach to the end of your skimmer pole is a good idea. This brush will be especially helpful for cutting dirt and grime, including algae, that gets stuck like glue to the bottom and sides of your pool.

  • Water Tester Kit

As a pool owner, it’s important that you test the pH levels in your water from time to time. Make sure you have a reputable and easy to use water test kit available to do this.

  • Submersible Lights

For night swimming, submersible lights are a must-have. Today, simple and affordable lights come in wireless LED form for extreme ease of use.

  • Toys and Entertainment

And don’t forget about toys and entertainment. There are always numerous fun foam noodles, inflatable devices, and balls and activities you can purchase for pool play.

Ensure Safety at All Times Around Your Pool

Finally, aside from physical pool supplies, toys, and entertainment, there’s one more thing you need for your pool this summer, and that’s a list of rules for all swimmers to follow.

It is essential to ensure safety at all times near your pool. This is true for you and your family members, friends who visit, and even children and pets of neighbors or passersby. Always have a strong and sturdy pool fence around your pool area, and ensure that rules about not diving, running, or swimming unattended are posted.

By attaining all of these supplies and ensuring that your pool rules are posted, you’ll be sure to have a fun and exciting summer with your pool this year!

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Laura Flores

Laura Flores