Mobile Technology – What Does Google’s Recent Change Means To Small Businesses?

Having a website that’s friendly to the mobile browsers on tablets and smartphone will be the key from the latest update of Google which is mobile-focused algorithm. The update to the Google’s way of ranking in search results will greatly favor the mobile-friendly websites. This update would only mean that those companies without a mobile-friendly website will suffer as the searchers using mobile will first see the sites with great mobile experiences as they will be ranked higher than those poor mobile or no mobile sites.

This recent change strengthens the mobile-focus of Google – it recently just labeled search results which have mobile-friendly websites – and is anticipated to have a huge impact even bigger than the two previous Google algorithm updates Penguin and Panda, which had affected over 3{4d093a44416fc5572c4e4fe9051cacfcb1cd996f71bd169837c3abc8715691b6} and 12{4d093a44416fc5572c4e4fe9051cacfcb1cd996f71bd169837c3abc8715691b6} of the search results respectively.

According to the Google webmasters, they will be expanding the use of good mobile sites as a ranking signal. This kind of change greatly affects the searches worldwide and will definitely have a huge impact in the search results.

The New Hotness – Mobile Friendly Websites

This change is intended to help the users quickly find the search results that are specially formatted for their devices. According to Google, they often make tweaks to their technology powering search and algorithms. This change in algorithm that favors mobile-friendly sites will potentially affect not only the revenue and traffic of many sites but as well as the strategy of different SEO services in Sydney and other professionals that greatly depend on the search results.

Mobile-Friendly Website for Small Businesses

Google’s change in algorithm will definitely shake up the search rankings and for small businesses whose site are not compatible with this latest update will definitely suffer. With this update, the mobile compatibility of a site on a page by page basis will be assessed in order to determine where a website should be place on a given search engine results page. If your webpage doesn’t provide a good viewing experience for mobile browsers, then your page is without a doubt won’t be noticeable in the mobile search results, even though your page is completely optimized with keywords that your business provides.

For the small businesses that greatly rely on website presence and social media to keep an advertising costs down, having out of favor in the mobile search results could mean a huge disaster for their revenue and traffic number. As a small business owner, you need to understand that it’s imperative now to give everything you’ve got in your power in order to ensure that you site is fully compatible and up to snuff with the latest algorithm update of Google. Now is the right to make the necessary investment and fund your website in order to ensure that your website can survive this change.

As the mobile search is continuously growing, it is very important not only for small businesses but for the entire business to start realizing that mobile-friendly website is not an option anymore but a necessity. Doctors shouldn’t just focus on marketing themselves. Dentist should not just concentrate on maximizing the power of SEO services at No one should ignore the power mobile-friendly websites!

The consumers are expecting this kind of update for a better mobile browsing experience and this is the right time to invest in mobile.

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Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams