Losing Hair? The Top 4 Reasons for Hair Loss in Adulthood  

Hair loss can be a serious problem for many adults. Both men and women can lose significant amounts of hair and even end up with bald patches over time. This can lead to other medical problems and extreme self-consciousness and lack of confidence as well.

There are various reasons for hair loss, ranging from stress and anxiety to hereditary issues, disease, and illness. Many individuals don’t take the time to consider why they’re losing hair and head straight to their nearest hair restoration clinic for a fix.

But if you’re interested in why you may be losing hair, one of the following reasons could be the culprit:

Hereditary Causes

In fact, most hair loss is caused by hereditary causes. The most common type of hereditary hair loss is called either female-pattern baldness or male-pattern baldness. This is generally characterized by bald spots and a receding hairline in men, and in women, general thinning of the hair can be seen.

Medication Use

As is the case with many medications, certain medications may affect hair growth and retention as well. If you’re taking certain medications and fear that your medication may be at the root of your hair loss, take the time to read the fine print on your medications or talk to a doctor about switching.

Medical Conditions or Hormonal Changes

Some medical conditions and hormonal changes may cause the loss of hair as well. Scalp infections, for example, can cause significant hair loss in patches and scaly patches throughout the scalp. Hair will generally grow back after treatment. Other skin disorders like lupus can cause hair loss as well.

Hormonal changes due to childbirth, pregnancy, or menopause can also affect the thyroid gland, which can lead to hair loss too.

Stress and Anxiety

Oddly enough, extreme stress and anxiety from a life changing event such as the loss of the job, the loss of a loved one, or the diagnosis of a serious illness can cause hair loss. The only way to know that stress is causing your hair loss, however, is to look for ways to reduce your stress naturally and see if this fixes the issue.

How Can I Get My Hair Back? Hair Restoration Options

There are numerous hair restoration options out there to help you ameliorate this problem. Some creams and serums may be purchased at local pharmacies for the purpose of restoring your hair. But you’ll get the best chance of success by seeing a hair restoration specialist in your area. Professionals who experience treating various types of hair loss in adults will be able to assess your problem, pinpoint the main cause, and provide treatment.

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Laura Flores

Laura Flores