Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and its effect on libido

Human chorionic gonadotropin, known as gonadotropin HCG, is a hormone with the reputation of having different attractive features for sports and solving fertility problems. In either case, it has a significant impact on the production of testosterone in a human’s testes. Its ability to correct some of the mistakes made during the use of steroids makes it a good product to learn more about.

Many people, men and women, are taking HCG for fertility or when they have lower libido and testosterone levels. In men, HCG imitates the LH function of the luteinizing hormone to encourage the production of testosterone.

It is important not to confuse fertility and libido, and keep in mind that a hormone that causes testosterone production, of course, has a great impact on male libido. HCG acts as a luteinizing hormone and triggers testosterone production in the testes, as if they had LH. The best results come from repetitive stimuli. However, the best use of HCG is primarily in hormone replacement therapy, which is far more beneficial to keep the sperm production and the volume of the testicle. One of the best dosages is the frequent intake of small amounts between 500 UI and 1000 UI per day.

Biolab (Clomid) as natural testosterone

There are products that have been specially designed to restore the natural production of testosterone. Clomid proves very effective for this. It seems increasingly popular with young people as a long-term vital solution for regulating low levels of testosterone and hence hypogonadism, by blocking estrogen receptors in the pituitary gland. When androgen levels are not very high, 50 mg of Clomid per day is more than enough for the minimum that produces a normal amount of LH. It is very effective for controlling gynecomastia and water retention during a steroid cycle.

More and more doctors recommend Clomid as a long-term treatment for several reasons. First, it costs less than other products of comparable efficacy. Whether as an injection or cream, it has proven to be less expensive than other products that can cause some side effects. Secondly, it can be used in many different ways, which makes it very convenient to use. Third, it is recommended as a fertility treatment and has been recognized to cause increased sperm production in infertile men by increasing their libido. Fourth, Clomid never causes testicular delays, unlike traditional testosterone therapies. Fifth, so far it has not caused virtually any side effects, so this is why many doctors offer it as a good option for fertility or libido.


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Laura Flores