How to Ensure Your Workplace Maintains Proper Compliance with OSHA Spill Kit Requirements

Unfortunately, the Petro-chemical industry is prone to untimely hazardous accidents such as the spillage of oil or other dangerous chemicals or materials. Not only can these incidents cause harm to nature such as wildlife and the environment, but they also pose a serious threat of potential harm to employees as well as those living in the immediate area of the disaster.

While a well-managed worksite hazardous spill should be a rare occurrence, there is nothing we can do to completely prevent these serious accidents. Therefore, insuring your spill kit requirements are compliant with the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards is not only a smart idea, it is also required by law.

What OSHA Spill Kit Requirements Must a Workplace Follow?

While on-site spill kits are required by the workplace standards of OSHA, the contents of the spill kits can vary depending on the needs of each individual worksite where they are located. OSHA mandates that a worksite be prepared to resolve any hazardous spill that they may encounter with the proper spill kit requirements, whether it be an oil spill, biological waste, mercury, etc.  Due to extreme differences in the way these spills need to be cleaned, it is suggested that work sites maintain easy access to multiple spill kits with different sets of tools for prompt clean-up of these hazardous materials.  

Suggested Items to Meet OSHA Spill Kit Requirements

Since it is nearly impossible to have a spill kit that would work for every type of accident possible, a universal spill kit is available for Petro-chemical work sites, that will help with a wide variety of foreseeable workplace accidents involving hazardous spills. Here are some of the materials and tools that fulfill the OSHA spill kit requirements.

Universal Spill Kit Contents

  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Eye Goggles
  • Shoe Covers
  • Disposal Bags
  • Handbook or Instructions for Spill Clean Up
  • Absorbent Rolls or Pads


Maintaining Your Spill Kit Tools and Supplies

Just as it is important to meet OSHA spill kit requirements on the job site, it is also important to inspect and maintain these kits as well.  It recommended that spill kits be stored inside and out of the elements and extreme weather temperatures. In addition, worksite spill kits should be inspected on a regular basis. Because spill kits can often go unused for long amounts of time (thanks to no accidents), some of the materials can deteriorate over time and become unsafe to use. Check every three months to insure spill kit requirements are being met by having tools and supplies that work properly when needed. It is helpful to have a checklist of all spill kit required items and be sure to look for signs of use or deterioration, and promptly replace those items.  

At Clean Coast Supply, we offer high quality spill and safety products to help worksite managers avoid hazardous material accidents on site that can harm workers and the local environment. We are your source for OSHA required refills or replacement items for workplace spill kit items and offer a variety of accessories and tools at competitive prices.   

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Laura Flores

Laura Flores