Fantastic Tips To Prevent Or Reduce Dark Circles And Under-Eye Bags

You have recently noticed dark circles under your eyes and much to your concern, you are noticing slight puffiness under your eyes too that may later get the form of eye bags. Of course, you don’t want these two because they will make you look tired, sad and aged.

You have the option of getting the best lower eyelid surgery in Sydney from Dr Naveen Somia, for example. But you are rightly thinking about minimizing them so that the surgery can give you the best results and you get rid of them forever.

So, is there anything you can do to prevent or minimize dark circles and under eye bags? Fortunately you can. Here it is.

What are Dark Circles?

Knowing the nature and cause of the problem can help you get to its solution more easily. So, understand first what dark circles are. The dark pigmentation around your eyes can be either hereditary or caused by swollen blood vessels in that area that are not draining.

Because the skin here is very thin, these blood vessels easily show out in the form of dark pigmentation. Factors like lack of sleep, excessive consumption of sodium and allergens around eyes can worsen the problem.

Next Know What Eye Bags Are

Under-eye bags are in fact a herniation or a strange protrusion of the fat tissue around the eyes. When these fat tissues swell or shift beyond their designated position, they cause bulging of skin which then appears like a bag. Note that dark circles and under-eye bags can appear at the same time.

Now Understand How to Deal with Dark Circles and Under-eye Bags

Start Applying Sunscreen Around Your Eyes

You can get a sunscreen now which is specially formulated for the skin around the eyes. It should be used in the morning, whereas thicker eye creams should best be used at night when they help hydrate and repair the skin overnight.

Let Frozen Tea Bags or Wet Spoon Sit Over the Eyes

As old-fashioned as it may sound, using a frozen tea bag or spoon truly help reduce dark circles. This is because these remedies promote vasoconstriction that makes the vessels under the skin to shrink and thus make dark circles lighter.

Increase Water Intake, Decrease Alcohol Intake

Some people are overly sensitive to alcohol and the release of histamines (or inflammation) it may cause. Alcohol can widen blood vessels thereby making dark circles look more prominent.

To avoid the dehydration caused by alcohol, keep a reusable water bottle with you always.

Refrigerate Your Eye Gel

Cooling down your eye gel by keeping it in fridge helps it to constrict the blood vessels under the skin.

Work on Sleeping More and Deeply

Lack of sleep is a major cause of dark circles. If you have a problem in going into a deep sleep, consider using an app like Yoga for Insomnia which will lead you through Hatha Yoga positions towards deep sleep and fight insomnia.

Wear a Sleep Mask while Sleeping

A sleep mask will help your eyes get more rest. If you keep it in the fridge and wear it just before going to bed, its cooling sensation will help in de-puffing your eye area.

Go Natural

You can take help of things available in your kitchen like potato, milk, oil etc. just like the tea bags and spoon.

  • Keep slices of a raw potato on your closed eyes for around 15-20 minutes. Let them cover the puffy area too. You will see a tremendous improvement.
  • For extremely puffed up eyes, place cotton pads dipped in chilled milk on your eyelids for 20-30 minutes.
  • You can also place cotton pads dipped into a mixture of water and a few drops of vitamin E oil for 20 minutes to reduce swelling around your eyes.
  • Cucumber is known to offer a cooling effect. Place slices of refrigerated cucumber over eyes for 25 minutes to get rid of dark circles and puffy eye bags.

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