Crowdfunding Experts Open Up: How Do You Really Run a Successful Fundraiser?

Crowdfunding platforms operate unlike any other funding sector. There’s no pressure of payback, like with loans, and the procedure is far less formal. Anybody can begin raising funds as long as they’re able to convince their audience that their cause is worth their money.

Crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru have seen campaigners manage to do a splendid job of promoting their cause to raise lakhs of rupees overnight. Among the hundreds of fundraisers struggling to grab the attention of donors, how do you stand out and what kind of steps do you take to run a successful fundraiser? Here are five steps that’ll widen your donor reach!

How to hold the attention of a donor

Everyone has good ideas. Being able to communicate this idea is the tough part. Research shows that the attention span of a reader’s attention on a page is no more than 8 seconds, during which they quickly scan an article or post and decide if it’s worth more of their time. To not only grab, but hold the interest of a donor, you need a well-written fundraiser story that can give a brief when a reader scans and make a heart warming and informative appeal when read through.

How to make your fundraiser stand out

Social media users scroll through their networks, stopping only at something that grabs their eye. For this reason, your fundraiser needs to have a unique, compelling title. For example, “A Sweater for Sonu”, a campaign to provide winter clothes to needy children did much better thanks to their attractive title. Compare this to “Help fund Bharat’s treatment”, which reveals no information at all to the reader, and neither does it appeal to them at all.

Pick your goal amount carefully

It’s important to put some thought into choosing the ideal goal amount. Start with a humble, reasonable amount so that you don’t intimidate donors into wondering if their contribution will matter at all. Once you’ve raised a decent amount of funds, you can increase your goal amount, a feature offered by select crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru.

Imagery helps make a connect

While stories help move a reader, what really helps the reader make a connect and feel for the campaigner is imagery. While perfect images are definitely not a compulsion, relevant pictures that tell your story, show your project and showcase your cause in some way are strongly recommended. If you can create a small video, either of you making an appeal or showing your project activity, this will truly prove your dedication to your cause and authenticity to your donors!

Start strong to stay strong

Know that donors never want to be the first ones. The very first step to take after you launch your fundraiser is to ensure that it doesn’t stay empty of funds for longer than an hour. Make the first donation first, if you have to or persuade family and friends to make their donations immediately. Once your fundraiser has raised at least Rs 2000, you can begin promoting it on social media.

There are countless crowdfunding India tips, tricks and hacks that you can make use of to promote your campaign. Read up, try some out and see what works best for you!

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Lawrence Hemphill

Lawrence Hemphill