Chicken Noodle for Your Halal Food in Medan

Finding a restaurant with the halal sign in Medan might be something easy to do, but finding something tasty is not that easy. The main reason is because Medan is famous for its cultural diversity so that finding the tasty and halal food in Medan cannot be considered as something easy. If you want to make it simple, you can try to eat the chicken noodle that you can easily find in Medan. That is because this kind of noodle can be considered as one tasty culinary with the sign of halal in almost all of the cities in Indonesia. That is because the main ingredients of this noodle are the flour and chicken. However, how can you make sure that you are choosing the best chicken noodle while you are in Medan? If you do not know the answer yet, here are some of the restaurants where you can find the tasty and halal chicken noodle while you are in Medan.

  • The first one is Mi Ayam Akong or Mi Ayam Acim. Some people know this place as Akong’s Chicken Noodle while the others know this place as Acim’s Chicken Noodle. It does not matter what the people call this restaurant as long as the taste is good. Yes, you need to know that this chicken noodle was opened in 1987. That means this restaurant has been opened for 30 years. You can make sure that a restaurant that has been opened for 30 years will surely have the great taste that you are looking for. For the location, you can go to Perniagaan Street to find this restaurant.
  • The second tasty and halal chicken noodle in Medan that you can try is Mi Ayam Kumango. This restaurant offers you the nice and tasty chicken noodle that you can find in Medan. It is true that this restaurant is not as old as the first one, but the taste of the chicken noodle that you can find here is also very tasty. One of the best things that you can find from this restaurant is that this restaurant opens from seven in the morning until eleven at night. Therefore, you can pick if you want to go here for your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • The last one is Mie Zhou. Based on the name, you can simply conclude that this chicken noodle is not made by the Indonesian. Yes, that is because this restaurant is owned by a Chinese. You need to know that China is the home of noodle and that can be something that you need to consider if you are looking for the tasty chicken noodle in Medan. For your information, this restaurant offers you one of the cheapest and tastiest chicken noodles in Medan. That is because the price for a bowl of the chicken noodle is about 1.5 dollars only while the others are about 2 dollars a bowl.

From all of those halal chicken noodle in Medan, which one that you will choose for your culinary travel while you are in Medan.

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