All You Need to Know About ADA Mats

The cast-in-place replaceable panel has high-quality surfaced features that are meant to alert anyone who passes over the ADA mats. They offer a well-textured earth surface on stairs, sidewalks, train station platforms, and even footpaths. The panels have been specially designed to alert visually impaired people and offer a detectable warning to those who use strollers, walkers, and wheelchairs. They are usually found on ADA mats sidewalks in both private and public locations and numerous sidewalk curb ramps at common street junction intersections. Their enhanced features provide the much-needed aid to the visually impaired people.

Why Tactile Warning Surface?

The tactile warning surface allows disabled pediatricians to reach areas that could otherwise be dangerous to them. The cover is designed to alert them when a change in ground conditions is detected. Typically, this could be in places such as the meeting point of the street and the sidewalk or in cases where a paved sidewalk is leading to a ramp. These panels are usually pressed into the concrete when it’s poured for a curb inclination. The panel is then secured in place using heavy-duty steel. The steel is fastened using bolts that are fixed at least 2inches into the concrete surface, and then the bolts are further topped by a typical water light cap.


The panels are durable, and the sized domes always make each noticeable warning surface more versatile. All domes are ADA-compliant and also moisture, chemical, and UV light resistant. We ensure that our cast-in-place ADA mats panel complies with all the state and federal level regulations. The mats have a standard color that doesn’t feature any particular paint coating. The standard panel colors are safety red, black, federal yellow, clay red, gray, blue, and brick red.

What Are the Main Features of Cast-In-Place Tactile Panels?

The tactile panels have the following features:

  • A 4-sided embedment flange measuring 0.75 inches deep and 1.02 inches thick
  • The body thickness is 0.25 inches including the already sized domes
  • The pane weight is 2.25 lbs. per square feet
  • The inserts are housed in a 0.5-inch recessed fixture that is located on the backside of the panel
  • The panel utilizes a tested and proven 0.5 inches by 1.5-inch resistant concrete inserts with pull-down strength per insertion of 6,200 psi.
  • The panel’s replaceable unit is house into an anchor with a 0.5 inch by 1.5-inch heavy duty metal bolt situated 0.25 inches into the body of the panel.
  • The bolt head is protected by strong fit caps, and its head is also fully covered.

Talk to us today, and we shall give you an accurate estimate and also guide you through the entire ordering process. We shall allow you to test our products even before you purchase. Contact us today and request a sample.

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Kevin Creighton

Kevin Creighton