4 Things You Must Know to Pass A Saliva Drug Test

With the legalization of recreational weed in some states, most people assume that it guarantees them unfettered cannabis involvement. Majority of employees in these states have to pass a saliva drug test during screening. In the same states, the police strive to unravel the best ways to deal with those driving under the influence.

Saliva drug test is fast and cheap making it ideal for police and employers to use. Therefore, learning how to pass the test is essential. In this post, we provide in-depth information on mouth swab drug tests, how to pass, when risky and how to be ready.

What determines drug presence in saliva? 

Saliva drug tests for weed register positive results when activated THC is present. When you smoke or eat recreational marijuana, delta 9 THC an illegal active component of weed remains in your mouth.

The drug test is designed to detect the psychoactive component of weed in your saliva but not its metabolites. Moreover, that is the window of opportunity to beat the system.

What are the chances of passing saliva tests? 

The chances of passing saliva tests remain high provided the amount of THC in your saliva is below the confirmation threshold. The threshold differs depending on who conducts the analysis, the state, and the kit manufacturer. Although manufacturers are striving to have a standard level, states have a long way to go to decide a standard intoxication cutoff.

If you are sure you have to take the test, abstinence from drugs few days from the D-day is recommended. To increase your chances of passing the test, take a whole week off drugs.

What keeps THC in Saliva? 

Honestly, THC stays in your saliva for a short period under normal circumstances since most of it metabolizes and is undetected by a saliva drug test. However, for those who rarely brush their teeth, THC coating on the mouth surface remains for a week putting them at high risk of failing the test.

How can one pass a saliva drug test? 

Saliva tests are beatable since they cannot detect drugs used three days earlier. If you want to pass the test with surety, here are a few things you can do:

  • Abstinence: if you are confident that you will have to take the test then avoiding it remains the surest way.
  • Detoxification: by using detoxifiers, you are cleaning your body to remove traces of illicit drugs. To get satisfactory results, ensure you purchase products from trusted suppliers.
  • Healthy food and exercise: eating healthy and exercising helps your body remove traces of drugs quickly due to increased metabolism. You can exercise days before the test day.
  • Emergency detoxification: in case of emergency tests products such as specialized mouthwash and chewing gums capable of anti-drug test can save you.

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Lawrence Hemphill

Lawrence Hemphill